Custom-Built, Cutting-Edge Mobile Technology

10 Years of Experience Under One Roof

Since 2008, MEDL has helped design, develop, and market hundreds of mobile apps, games, and technologies alongside a storied list of innovative companies and people.

Now Boarding

We worked with a cutting edge leader in Virtual Reality to build a system that integrates multiple platforms with one API, creating a cohesive digital experience when booking a VR adventure online or in-person.


Built For Speed

We helped pair a motion sensitive wristband with a mobile device and created a seamless user experience and new visual language that helps athletes quickly identify their speed and progress.


Tackling Malnutrition

We’re working with a team backed by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to create a mobile solution using a 3D scanner and an iPhone to accurately determine a child's height and weight and track their growth over time.