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Web3 Development

Whether you need to store a digital key used to access a private rental property, or securely transfer a concert ticket, utilizing the blockchain ensures authenticity and ownership.

Talent Nova

”MEDL Mobile’s expertise brings Talent Nova to life, ensuring a seamless, impactful user experience. By focusing on unique challenges faced by justice-impacted individuals, MEDL Mobile has created a platform that not only guides but inspires. Helping individuals unlock their potential and building brighter futures with Talent Nova.”

Toyota Lexus

MEDL was tasked to augment and support the development of an advanced mobile application that redefines the automotive experience for the latest Toyota vehicles from 2022 onward.

Environmental Action

The Amphibian and Reptile Conservancy is working to preserve vital members of the global ecosystem as well as the habitats they depend on. We built an engaging, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive website to educate the public on ARC’s mission to save these oft-maligned species.


A mobile and web campaign centered around raising awareness of Adverse Childhood Experiences (“ACEs”), to help users understand what an ACE “number” means, and what resources are available to help mitigate the effects of those experiences. By coordinating our efforts with doctors, scientists, artists, and translators, we were able to create a responsive, accessible, easy-to-navigate design.

Train With Confidence

NASM Edge empowers trainers with a mobile solution for tracking client progress. Trainers can easily onboard clients, manage their workout schedule, and assign them measureable goals. The app is meant to save trainers time by taking the busy work out of managing clients, but still maintain the personal connection between them.

Built For Speed

We helped pair a motion sensitive wristband with a mobile device and created a seamless user experience and new visual language that helps athletes quickly identify their speed and progress.

Now Boarding

We worked with a cutting edge leader in Virtual Reality to build a system that integrates multiple platforms with one API, creating a cohesive digital experience when booking a VR adventure online or in-person.

Tackling Malnutrition

We’re working with a team backed by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to create a mobile solution using a 3D scanner and an iPhone to accurately determine a child’s height and weight and track their growth over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to take your app, website, life to the next level?
First step is to figure out exactly what your needs/wants are. Once you contact MEDL we can walk you through a consultation process and create a structured plan for your organization.
MEDL has a reputation like no other! With over 13 years of experience and our team of experts we can ensure that your organization will have the best support.

We offer Full Stack Development, UX/UI design, Branding and Graphic Design. A more in depth look at this can be found on our website, under our services.

During this process MEDL provides recommendations from the UX/UI team, Marketing and SEO recommendations, and Development Solutions.

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We offer anything from a brand refresh to social media, contact us to discover more!
At MEDL we take time to listen and develop a plan tailored to your needs and wants. Through strategic planning with our experts; we go step by step to make sure development, design, and maintenance are reached.
  1. Collaboration with our team and yours to build your vision
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. QA
  5. Launch
Yes! We can work with teams within your organization and hired third party teams to help further your project.

MEDLheads unite! Please check out our career page to learn more about opportunities.

We let you choose what areas you want to focus on for your business and link you up with experts in that field.

Yes! Please look at our previous case studies for apps that we have custom built for our clients.

Here at MEDL we have our core Medlisms that we live by. Meet at 51%, Don’t reinvent the spinning wheel, Perfect is the Enemy of Done, Hello Future, Own your Suggestions, and Add it to V2.0. Check out our own in depth philosophy under our Who We Are section.