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Since 2008, medl has helped to architect, design and develop hundreds of mobile apps, games and technologies alongside a storied list of innovative companies and people. Our apps and games have reached as high as number one on the app store. Our technology has been deployed in automobiles, surgical suites, restaurants, financial institutions, Hollywood studios, art studios and on tens of millions of mobile phones around the world.


We speak CEO, CMO

and CTO.

Mobile is used to build relationships with customers, clients and prospects.  It often needs to integrate seamlessly with a company’s most secure data and technology assets. There are cost and revenue implications attached to getting it right. 

These are the conversations we love to have.

We’ve been there. Done that.

We’ve worked with a wide variety of APIs, SDKs, methodologies, languages and frameworks. We are also quite adept at learning new ones. Below is a partial list of our capabilities. 



Objective-C • Swift • Javascript • Java • HTML 5

Python • C# • C++ • React.js • React Native • Redux

Flexbox • Angular • D3.js • MongoDB • RethinkDB • SQL • Redis

Custom API’s • Node.js • Express.js • Microservices • AWS

API Integration • Mobile Payments • E-Commerce • Deeplinking

Push Notifications • Geofences • Geotargeting • Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality • Unity 3D Game Development • Educational Apps

Emerging Technologies • Photo Sharing/Manipulation

Publishing Securely Distributed Content• Media/Content Distribution

Social Media Integration • Streaming Video

Backend Development • Branded Development • Gamification

Enterprise Development • GPS & Location Services • Legacy

Integration • mCatalogs • Mobile Couponing • Tablet-based Sales

Tools • Video Game Development • CMS Development

Custom Analytics  • Machine Learning


JIRA • Beanstalk • GIT Hub • Basecamp • Eclipse

Xcode •Webstorm • Android Studio •

Sublime Text • Appcode


Agile • Modified Agile • Waterfall

Back of Napkin Make it Happen


iOS • Apple TV • Android • Mobile Web • iOS

Desktop • Web


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