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Since 2008, MEDL has helped design, develop and market hundreds of mobile apps, web apps, websites and technologies alongside a storied list of innovative companies and people.


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A Summary of Our Services

Pre-Development Planning

A collaborative process to determine your product roadmap and the first set of features required to bring your product to market. Deliverables include architecture, feature planning, identification of third party services, budget and project timeline.

Medl App Rescue Team Assessment

A small, experienced team of engineering, UI/UX and production will do an assessment of your project, current codebase, design assets, etc – and provide an action plan to take you from where your tech is now to where you want to be.

Design & Development

With a plan in place, our UI/UX and Engineering team have decades of combined experience working collaboratively to build elegant, well structured, highly performant software.

Quality Assurance

We employ a team of voracious QA testers who create a customized plan for each application to assure that it has been Tested and Polished until cleared for market release.

Maintenance & Support

It’s not uncommon for MEDL to continue to support an app we’ve built for 2-3 years after launch as the client organically builds a team to support it. We can create a custom support plan for you as well.

Strategic Planning

From Product Roadmap and Monetization Sessions to iteration around future versions, our team can share our extensive experience and help guide you based on what we’ve experienced first hand.

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Full Stack Development

Whether you need us to augment an existing development team, or manage development from end-to-end, we’ve proven again and again why our team of engineers is top notch. All of our engineers are here, under one roof in sunny Southern California, and our team can expand or shift to take on any number of challenges or opportunities. Our team produces clean, consistent code that’s well structured and well documented. We’ve worked with a wide variety of APIs, SDKs, methodologies, languages and frameworks. We’re also quite adept at learning new ones. Below is a partial list of our development capabilities:


  • HTML/Portals
  • Static Websites


  • WordPress Blogs
  • User Accounts and Profiles
  • Dynamic Content
  • User-generated Content
  • Keyword Search
  • Unified Communications
  • Social Curation
  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Web Applications
  • Cloud Computing
  • XML / RSS
  • eCommerce
  • Non-profit
  • Educational


  • Web Services
  • Contextual Content
  • Decentralized Data
  • Semantic Connectivity
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Smart Applications
  • RDF / RDFS / OWL
User Interface User Experience Design

UI/UX Design

Our design team is here to create user experiences that flow seamlessly.


We don’t just create pretty pictures – we solve problems. Bring your product to life with experiences and eye catching visuals that engage your customers – whether they are physicians, pro-athletes, space travellers, teens, tweens or anyone in between.

Design Tools

  • Sketch
  • Zeplin
  • Adobe Suite
  • Whimsical

Experience Design

  • UI/UX Audit
  • Wireframing
  • Motion & Interface Behavior
  • Competitive Analysis

Interface Design

  • High-Fidelity Prototypes
  • Web Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Lottie Animations
Branding & Graphic Design

Branding & Graphic Design

We’ve developed an approach that results in professional, stand-out brand designs which build trust. Being focused on digital tech brands, we make sure the identity works well in the online environment and is visually consistent across all mediums. Our design process is very collaborative and requires deep involvement on both sides.

Brand Strategy

  • Brand Audit
  • Competitive Review
  • Brand Refresh

Brand Identity

  • Visual Identity System
  • Style Guide
  • Icons & Illustrations

Frequently Asked Questions

How to take your app, website, life to the next level?
First step is to figure out exactly what your needs/wants are. Once you contact MEDL we can walk you through a consultation process and create a structured plan for your organization.
MEDL has a reputation like no other! With over 13 years of experience and our team of experts we can ensure that your organization will have the best support.

We offer Full Stack Development, UX/UI design, Branding and Graphic Design. A more in depth look at this can be found on our website, under our services.

During this process MEDL provides recommendations from the UX/UI team, Marketing and SEO recommendations, and Development Solutions.

Submit a form on our website or email us directly at!

We offer anything from a brand refresh to social media, contact us to discover more!
At MEDL we take time to listen and develop a plan tailored to your needs and wants. Through strategic planning with our experts; we go step by step to make sure development, design, and maintenance are reached.
  1. Collaboration with our team and yours to build your vision
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. QA
  5. Launch
Yes! We can work with teams within your organization and hired third party teams to help further your project.

MEDLheads unite! Please check out our career page to learn more about opportunities.

We let you choose what areas you want to focus on for your business and link you up with experts in that field.

Yes! Please look at our previous case studies for apps that we have custom built for our clients.

Here at MEDL we have our core Medlisms that we live by. Meet at 51%, Don’t reinvent the spinning wheel, Perfect is the Enemy of Done, Hello Future, Own your Suggestions, and Add it to V2.0. Check out our own in depth philosophy under our Who We Are section.