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Ensuring everyone has fair access to suitable careers, regardless of their past.


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Back of the box

Talent Nova is your ally in navigating the job market with confidence, providing the resources to enhance skills, prepare for success, and embrace meaningful employment opportunities.


MEDL Mobile’s expertise brings Talent Nova to life, ensuring a seamless, impactful user experience. By focusing on unique challenges faced by justice-impacted individuals, MEDL Mobile has created a platform that not only guides but inspires. Helping individuals unlock their potential and building brighter futures with Talent Nova.

The Challenge

Create a platform that effectively supports the unique employment needs of justice-impacted individuals. This demographic faces profound barriers to re-entering the workforce, including stigmatization, gaps in employment history, and a lack of access to skill development resources. The team was tasked with not only overcoming societal prejudices but also ensuring the technology was accessible, intuitive, and genuinely beneficial for users in this specific context.

Overcome Barriers with Confidence

Set the mindset, prepare for change, connect with experts, and strengthen your skills.

Your Future’s Potential Unlocked

Go beyond the stigma

Envision your future by setting goals that lead to progress.

Design your comeback

Build your resume with AI and step confidently back into the workforce.

Get inspired and elevate

Expert coaching for personal and professional growth.

Turn gaps into opportunities

Learn how to navigate your narrative with skillful interview responses.

Land your next job

Assemble your application with this must-have checklist for job seekers.

Mastering interviews

Talent Nova’s LMS provides courses in interview preparation and skill-building. Learn to craft your narrative, master skillful interview responses, and confidently address employment gaps.

Interview Prep

Navigate your narrative

Overcome employment gaps

Skillful interview responses

Build your
Resume with AI

Talent Nova’s AI resume generator allows you to build your resume that is personalized for you and your unique experience.

Go beyond the stigma

Transfer personal skills

ATS friendly resume and cover letter

Get expert advice with AI

Talent Nova’s GPT offers personalized coaching, expert advice, and continuous support to navigate the challenges of workforce re-entry.

Tailored career guidance

Navigational aid

Confidential and judgement-free

Fostering economic growth in the US by magnifying connections between justice-impacted talent and premier employers.