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Why it’s amazing

Leading a new age of storytelling, Dreamscape immerses its visitors into a cinematic world as they watch and interact with the adventures unfolding around them.



Dreamscape Immersive was launching a Virtual Reality experience unlike any other. Because for many, this would be their first time exploring the world of VR, the entire system needed to be seamless and cohesive. We needed to integrate multiple platforms to walk customers from discovery to purchase to check-in and into the VR immersion itself. Our team developed several front-end systems to handle customer transactions while tying into a centralized back-end.

The Challenge

The experience itself needed to feel like something you'd never seen before - while also feeling familiar enough to be intuitive. Buying a ticket needed to feel like departing on a journey to parts unknown - yet also be simple and friction-free. What's more, many of the back-end systems being developed by the team at Dreamscape were being constructed in parallel to the front-end engineering, making it imperative that agency and client maintain steady and comprehensive communications to make sure neither of us missed a step.


Brand Guidelines

Dreamscape had undergone a significant branding exercise with their agency, Massive Change Network. We worked within the guidelines of this brand exploration - while also introducing design elements of our own - to bring the digital brand to life in a way that perfectly mirrored the retail, physical and marketing iterations of the brand.

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Developing a Signature Visual Style

Along with the client and their agency, we determined that we were creating a "Virtual Reality travel agency." We pulled inspiration from European train station departure boards, train tickets, travel guides and travel posters.


Design Iterations

We went through multiple rounds of design iteration to make sure Dreamscape and MCN were pleased with the overall direction before moving forward.



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Flexible, Rich Media Content

Dreamscape’s experiences are individualized stories that take users to the bottom of the ocean’s depths, to an ancient adventure, and even to a nature preserve in outer space. Representing them visually needed to be as epic as the experiences themselves, and needed to allow for flexibility as locations and titles grow.


Custom Ticketing

Dreamscape had a unique challenge in developing their ticketing system. Only six travellers can attend each showtime - and the facility shows many more shows per hour than a traditional movie experience. It was made even more complex given the ADA requirements of the theaters and the ticketing system. We needed to create a system that provides up-to-date showtimes, tracks the capacity of each showtime, and makes the entire system simple for our users. All while remaining consistent between both web and in-store tablet.

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Check In to the Future

When guests arrive, they walk through a fully integrated tablet-based check in system that prepares them for the adventure they're about to take.


Don't take our word for it...

Jon Kramarsky, Principal Solutions Architect at Dreamscape Immersive

"In building a world-class VR customer experience, we challenged MEDL to deliver complex, technical solutions with extremely tight turnaround times. Without fail, they have surpassed our expectations every time. Really, MEDL has become an extension of our creative and technical resources and look forward to building the future of VR with them alongside."


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Dreamscape is a VR experience like no other.
Don’t take our word for it, experience it for yourself.