The difference between the top 1% of athletes and the rest is fractions of a second. To help athletes improve their speed and agility, JAWKU came up with an idea to pair a motion sensitive wristband with a mobile device. The wristband would record the exact starting time and the mobile device would create a photo finish.

Our team needed to create a complete user experience that is seamless for the athlete while creating a new visual language that quickly helps them identify their speed and progress.


The Challenge

How can athletes prepare for the combines and measure their speed with near absolute accuracy using a stopwatch– which is only as accurate as the person holding it. The challenge itself comes down to two key components:

Accuracy - It’s difficult to understand your measurements if they’re unreliable. If you aren’t familiar with combine testing, a running back’s 40yd dash time can make or break their college career.

Consistency - High-performing athletes spend months trying to shave 1/10th of a second off their times. It’s critical that every measurement is consistent with the last so you know you’re progressing.



We created a prototype that communicated our plans for the app. The prototype was highly interactive, which allowed our test group of athletes to provide new insight into how the app’s features and functionality could be improved.



Track your performance with previous times and trends, personal records, notes, and more.


Bluetooth Pairing

Once the wristband is paired with the app, an athlete can place their phone at the finish line, select their distance, and get moving. JAWKU Speed uses the mobile device’s front-facing camera to record when you reach the finish line. The wristband records the exact starting time and the mobile device creates a photo finish accurate to .01 seconds.


Fast is Earned, Not Given

Measure speed, agility, or build your own drill. Once you're at the starting line for a drill, you can either have JAWKU’s timer set to Movement or Audible mode. Movement mode will begin recording when you start moving. With Audible mode, three beep sounds will go off and you start moving on the third. The beep noises won't always go off at the same time, so you have to train yourself to react quickly.



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Wannabe NFL athletes can hone their 40-yard time with Jawku Speed


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