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Back of the box

Collaborated with Toyota to create the first digital key experience in North America, utilizing smartphones for secure vehicle access. This project epitomizes our unwavering commitment to driving innovation in automotive technology.


MEDL was tasked to augment and support the development of an advanced mobile application that redefines the automotive experience for the latest Toyota vehicles from 2022 onward. MEDL led the architecture and development efforts across Toyota’s global regions. Through a partnership with Subaru, our team spearheaded the exclusive development of an electric vehicle app and even introduced the first generation of digital key in North America, utilizing smartphones for secure and convenient vehicle access.

The Challenge

Managing integration across diverse technological domains and global regions is as difficult as it sounds. Our team’s ability to adeptly address these multifaceted challenges showcases our commitment to innovation and efficiency, leading to a successful realization of our cohesive vision for the future of automotive technology.

Augmenting an Existing Team

Our UI/UX designers and iOS & Android developers teamed up with various Toyota App teams across the globe; adhering to their systems and tools. Combining our ability to be flexible and agile with their complex design system and development environments multiplied productivity instead of hindering it.

Precise Technical Execution

Coordinating the development of a sophisticated mobile application compatible with the 21 multimedia (EPF) platforms, ensuring a smooth interface for both Android and Apple platforms, and establishing connectivity with in-vehicle OEM and Android Automotive ecosystems demands precise technical execution.

Biometrics enhances hands-free user experience by seamlessly integrating with the onboarding process, allowing for swift validation of critical interactions with the digital key through facial recognition or PIN entry.

To ensure correct vehicle access, users must place their keyfob in the vehicle and activate it by placing it over the start button, confirming ownership with two beeps.
We then coordinate processes among multiple systems, handling device fingerprinting, key holder validation, and storing cryptographic packages. This facilitates user pairing of a keyfob with their vehicle.

Created to provide a more convenient way to manage your vehicle, the Toyota app gives you even more ways to stay connected to your vehicle.

“My car and the app communicate flawlessly with no delay. Once my free time ends in march of 2023 I will become a paying member.” – App Store

“This app is truly phenomenal” – App Store

Case Study


Case Study