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We are incredibly proud of the talented team of people we’ve brought together. MEDL Heads, as we like to call ourselves. We enjoy our work. And we love that we are privileged to help create the future on a daily basis.


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After a decade of developing technology, we’ve found a few truisms that influence our work and underlie our philosophy.

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Meet at 51%

We merge design and engineering into a harmonious experience, which is much easier said than done. So how do we get designers and engineers to work together in unison? The answer is meet at 51%. When a team of two shares the weight of a task it’s assumed each person will give 50%. Ensuring no one steps on any toes, most people will naturally pull back from the other’s area of expertise. Each person then operates at an even lower percentage, leaving a gap in the work and potential. We encourage our team to reach for that extra percent into the other person’s territory; designers make development suggestions, QA folks suggest design fixes, project managers share ideas for architecture. The result is that each discipline helps to inform the other – and the shared experience makes the end product that much better.

Don't reinvent the spinning wheel

At this point in our collective mobile experience, humans have swiped, tapped and pressed trillions of buttons trillions of times. The industry may be barely a decade old, but in this short time it has become a highly evolved space. Users expect to know how to navigate, select and move through an application seamlessly – often before they’ve even used it. At every stage of design we make sure to keep the user at the center of our process; applying iconography that makes sense at a glance, adopting gestures that feel familiar, and embracing layout frameworks that suggest how an app will work from get-go. Once a solid foundation is established, designing and engineering new experiences and ideas around these elements are key to creating a successful product.

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Perfect is the enemy of done

Mobile development is a continuous process of building blocks with eyes firmly set on the future. It’s easy to get wrapped up in new ideas and constant improvements with functionality, however, it’s a slippery slope that will have you waiting for “the perfect build.” The secret? The perfect build doesn’t exist. And if you wait for it, you’re risking stagnation over iteration. Every day that an almost finished app doesn’t launch is a day lost, another day you’re not learning from users. Go live. Get feedback. Make it better.

Hello future!

Looking to the future is the most exciting aspect about our industry, it never ceases to amaze and inspire us. We were the first to create the paradigm of live streaming video from mobile devices. We were the first to architect delivery of food items in an airport. We helped envision the future for identifying malnutrition in the developing world. We built apps into cars before apps in cars was a thing. We revolutionized drawing on an iPad. We brought the stopwatch into the 21st century. We’ve got a knack for building things that don’t exist yet. And we love this aspect of our work.
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Own your suggestions

This one has become a bit of a joke for the new folks. But it speaks volumes about our value of personal responsibility and “figureitoutedness”. It’s simple. If you can suggest “we should do this” in a meeting, then you should find a way to get it done. Think “we” need to learn more about what’s happening in Virtual Reality? Sign up for a conference and teach the rest of the team. Suggest “we” should download the competitor’s app and see how they do it? Head to the app store, what are you waiting for? Think “we” should set the ping pong table up in the kitchen? Get on it – I’ll go grab my paddle.

Great idea, add it to V2.0

Along the path of design and development, we hear LOTS of brilliant ideas for additional features, functions, designs, doo-dads and ways to make it better. And if we incorporated all of those briliant ideas, we’d never get to launch day. We keep a running list of these ideas and put them into the backlog for future versions. When in doubt, see MEDLism #3. We can always iterate future versions. Let’s get a product to market first!
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Our Talented Team We've Brought Together

Dave Swartz headshot
Dave Swartz


Andrew Maltin headshot
Andrew Maltin


Mike Gilmore Headshot
Michael Gilmore

Executive Vice President

Maite Flores Headshot
Maite Flores

Office Manager

Geoff Nori Headshot
Geoff Nori

Creative Director

Natalie Peckham Headshot
Natalie Peckham

Lead UI/UX Designer

Donald Green Headshot
Donald Green

Manager of Engineering

Michael Weiss

SVP Sales & Marketing

Derek Bell Headshot
Derek Bell

Scrum Master

Victoria Adebona Headshot
Victoria Adebona


Austin Shutt Headshot
Jason Shutt

iOS Engineer

Rutvi Patel Headshot
Rutvi Patel

Project Manager

Jeremy Hovanec Headshot
Jeremy Hovanec


Ivan Denisov Headshot
Ivan Denisov

Testing Engineer

Diana Nielsen


Debi Santos

Project Manager

Chintan Dalal Headshot
Chintan Dalal

Sr. Engineer

Lexi Trujillo

Administrative Assistant


Jr. Project Manager

Noah Senesac Headshot
Noah Senesac

QA Associate

Sterling Maltin

QA Intern

Shealee Walker

Business Analyst

Advocating Developers

Our Executive Vice President is currently Vice Chair of the Board of this international organization which represents developers worldwide. Fellow Board members include representatives from Ford, Ericsson, Google, Intel, Facebook and other leaders in technology.

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Are you a MEDL Head?

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