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Entrusted to help develop the Developers Trust Alliance

After a board meeting of the Developers Alliance back in early 2018, a few of us discussed the (then) coming GDRP requirements – and how they would impact developers here in the U.S. The sense was that eventually, the U.S. would follow in Europe’s footsteps – and because of the political uncertainty, those regulations could take a number of directions. 

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The Future of Live

The Future of Live june 18, 2018 On November 8, 2016, I walked into my living room to see my roommate on the couch, strapped

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How to: Animate with Photoshop

How to: Animate with Photoshop june 11, 2018 As you have probably noticed, GIFs and boomerangs are becoming extremely popular with their continuous looping effect.

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