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This 2021, the global mobile app revenue is expected to reach around $693 billion as businesses and brands maximize the vast landscape. Today, having a mobile app is a must, and its biggest benefits include:

  • Generating higher revenue
  • Raising company or business awareness
  • Connecting with audiences
  • Building customer relationships and reputation

We at MEDL Mobile, want to help you make the most with your mobile app. We are an Irvine-based company that’s composed of the finest and most seasoned marketers, serial entrepreneurs, strategists, big idea lovers, and developers.

For us, mobile applications don’t just need to be cutting edge, they must also be human-centric to be able to make a massive impact. To show you an example of what we mean by this, we’re going to share our latest client review from Clutch.

Washington DC-based B2B review and market research platform, Clutch helps corporate buyers learn more about countless service providers from around the world. With millions of users, the platform is considered one of the most trusted resources for those who want to understand the IT, marketing, and business services spaces.

An analyst from the platform gathered the insights of the co-founder and CMO of a fintech company based in Chicago. The five-star review takes a closer look at our team’s ongoing app development partnership that started back in 2019.

The challenge was recalibrating and fixing the coding errors made by the clients’ prior service providers. We took what we were given and turned it into a fully functioning solution that’s easy to navigate.

Aside from a human-centered design, it’s also important for our clients. Instead of the typical client-service provider relationship, they treat us like an extension of their company — we genuinely want to find a great balance between both teams. Our team has a special relationship with our clients, and we truly value their confidence in us.

“They have a lot of experience building a variety of apps in several industries. They’ve learned from their previous projects, and they know the answers to our questions before we even ask them.” — Co-Founder & CMO, FinTech Company

From the entire MEDL Mobile team, thank you to our client for this fantastic review. It’s been two years since we started working together, and it’s been a great pleasure for us to collaborate with you!

Our works aren’t just appreciated by our clients, they’ve also earned the attention of various institutions and industry professionals. You can find us ranked along with the top mobile application development companies on Top Design Firms, a B2B platform that curates insightful content.

Praise from our clients motivates us. Recognition from industry experts validates our hard work. As service providers, to be seen is so heartwarming.

Want a team you can partner with? We’re here for you! Contact us and let’s get started!

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