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Web3 and the democratization of data management

We’ve all heard the word Web3 being tossed around, but how is it relevant to big and small scale companies? Its recognition has grown dramatically in recent months, with blockchain quickly becoming a foundation for new emerging technology.

Since the advent of Web3, more and more companies have implemented it as a way to store valuable information. A sizable percentage of corporations use companies like Amazon as a massive storage provider. Although this can be efficient and cost effective, it is not suitable for larger companies.

This was the case, until Web3 stepped in…

Why switch to Web3?

The answer is simple, Web3 storage gives users the ability to own and manage their own storage. It allows users to own the decision for maintaining their own content through a distributed system. The system is then secured by blockchain hash encryptions to prevent malicious attacks and protect overall privacy of the user.

“All you need to use Web3.Storage is an API token and your data. Under the hood, Web3.Storage is backed by the provable storage Filecoin and makes data accessible to your users over the public IPFS network but when it comes down to building your next application, service, or website, all you need to know is that Web3 makes building on decentralized technologies simple.”

Web3 Storage

The best part of Web3 storage is that the service is completely free.

Would you use Web3 for your company?

Want a team you can partner with for Web3 storage? We’re here for you! Contact us and lets get started!

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