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A personalized digital closet, allowing users to use tags to organize clothes and track their outfits within the event calendar. What Wear & When fosters the creativeness in consumers as they further understand and explore their style.


What Wear & When seeks to solve problems of figuring out what to wear while keeping track of what was worn. With clothes being cluttered in closets, it’s normal to face decision fatigue and lack of outfit inspiration. So we built a solution.

We developed an app where users can add articles, create outfits, make a collection, and track outfits with the event feature. Being able to add multiple tags lets users search titles easily. The simplicity of mix and matching outfits in the app encourages users to try something new and unexpected.

The Challenge

One of the challenges included the UI having three renditions, which called for a stronger Digital Asset Management strategy. To maintain brand consistency, we provided a clear framework to store, organize, and distribute digital assets.

To make the app more user-friendly and the navigation process as simple as possible, we added a calendar segment. Users can log and check their outfits worn down to the exact date.

Our Solution

We’ve created a tag system that manages all your clothes in a smart convenient way. Collections are made up of popular tags and creating custom collections is as easy as using whatever tag you come up with.

Shirt Folding GIF
Refreshing new look
Out with the old and in with the new. What Wear & When is now better than ever.
WWW Screen with Yellow Aesthetic Clothes
Closet Sorting Feature Screenshot

Snap an Outfit

Layer an outfit in pieces to create a whole, or snap a pic of you wearing it out. Add items to collections, or create new tags. Tagging allows you to collect your clothes, accessories, and fashion inspiration by sorting everything through collections on your dashboard. It’s organizational bliss at best.

Make a Mood

Aside from snapping an outfit, there’s also the outfit grid. Select up to 9 items from your library to layout an outfit, or create a mood. Perfect for visualizing a look you’ve been meaning to try out, or inspire your style by creating a moodboard.
WWW Moodboard Feature on iPhone
Event Calendar Feature, Date Tracking Feature

Stay on Top of Your Fashion Trends

Utilize the event calendar to help you plan what to wear and when to wear it. Log outfits to your calendar building an archive of what you’ve worn from your personal wardrobe. Track your trends to discover what outfits you like to wear most and see what else you might need to add to mix things up.

Own your time and plan ahead with your personal digital closet. Download What Wear & When today to have your outfit ideas ready to go.

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Case Study