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How To Build A Mobile App By David Swartz

In the last decade, we’ve worked with hundreds of people, companies, brands, celebrities, entreprenuers, idealists, evangelists, artists and game changers to turn their mobile vision into a mobile reality. We just released a free step-by-step guide to take your mobile app from idea to reality.


Apple App Store Submission Checklist

With our free 5-page checklist you’ll get the ultimate reference for submitting your mobile app to the App Store. In this checklist we’ve distilled down everything we’ve learned from our experience successfully submitting over 400 apps. Follow it to make sure your app launch is a success too!


How To Build A Healthy App For mHealth

Mobile technology and health care are coming together to create amazing new products, services and solutions to changing the face of health care today. If you’re building a mhealth app make sure to download this free ebook to get our framework for building a mobile app in the health industry today!


Tools & Freebies

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Our Tech Icon Pack includes over 40 icons which are related to the tech industry, including mobile and gaming products. 

This pack includes PNG and Ai files which you can use for personal or commercial projects.

Product Card Image.png

This sketch file includes high quality vector re-creations of the following devices: iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone 8 Plus, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, Google Pixel 3 XL (Illustrative only), and Samsung Galaxy Tab s4.

Easily insert screenshots using Sketch's symbol system.


How Can I Get My App Made?

Want to build a mobile app but not sure where to begin? Listen to our President discuss the pros and cons of the 3 most common ways people go about bringing their app idea to life.


What’s The Biggest Mistake New App Developers Make?

Are you building your first app? Don't do anything until you listen to our President discuss the biggest mistake he notices new app developers make so you can avoid making the same mistake yourself.


What Are Some Best Practices For Mobile App Safety & Security?

Wondering how to keep your mobile app data secure and your users safe? Listen to our President discuss 3 important best practices to follow regarding safety and security when developing your mobile app.

How Can My Company Use An App?

Wondering if building an app is right for your business? Listen to our President discuss the most important question you should ask yourself if you're considering building an app and how creating an app can benefit your business.


Why Is Marketing An App Different Than Marketing A Website?

Wondering how to market your mobile app? It's not exactly the same as marketing a website. Listen to our President discuss how the two are different and why, in some ways, it's easier to market a mobile app.


What Are You Most Excited About In Mobile?

There are a lot of exciting things happening in the mobile app space. Listen to our President discuss what he is most excited about when it comes to mobile app development and how it's helping to change the world.