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ACEs Number Story

The story of your number is the story of your ACE history.


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Why it’s amazing

The ACE Number Story campaign and website educates, provides resources, and empowers those who are seeking help for themselves and their community.


ACEs are Adverse Childhood Experiences. Our ACE history counts experiences of abuse, neglect and household challenges that happened to us as children.

The ACE Number Story campaign and website aims to raise awareness for ACEs, as well as educate, inform, and provide resources to those who are seeking help for themselves, and those around them. Along with information and resources, we also want to give users the opportunity to easily discover their own ACE number and what that number means for them.

The Challenge

One of our biggest challenges with this project was reaching as large of an audience as possible. This meant making the design and functionality of the site as seamless and accessible as possible. We also prioritized optimizing navigation, so that ACEs large assortment of resources is easily digestible.

Our Solution

We collaborated with a team of doctors, scientists, artists, influencers, developers, and translators to pool a variety of important ACE resources and information into a responsive website, with a corresponding social media campaign. Resources vary from downloadable articles and 24/7 hotlines, to high quality videos and infographics (in both English and Spanish).
strategic information design
Using WordPress, we created a high quality, easily-navigable website to guide the user through their Number Story, on desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Interactive Assets

Grab the attention of a broad demographic of users with interactive videos, animations, and assets. We custom-made buttons, drop-downs, and carousels to better engage the user and tell a story that will leave a lasting impression in their lives.

Collapsable Drawers

To better organize the large amount of ACEs information and resources, we created a collapsable drawer system that highlights specific topics and gives the user the option of expanding if they’re interested. This creates a much more digestible and easily scrollable page, lessening the chances that the user will get overwhelmed by the amount of information, and increasing the chances that they will find the information they need.

Simple Navigation

We categorized all Healing and Prevention resources into 4 broad sections, Help Right Now, Heal Myself, Help My Kids, and Support Families & Communities. The user can easily navigate between these sections with a simple sub-menu at the top of their screen.

Crisis Resources

Throughout the site, we included a red “Crisis Resources” button that users can utilize if they are in immediate need of help, this button quickly leads them to a variety of free services and strategies.

Dive into the Science of ACEs

ACEs aren’t just mental, toxic stress literally changes our brains and bodies in ways that can increase our risk of illness, and make life more challenging. In this fascinating TED Talk, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris — our advisor and California’s Surgeon General — explores how childhood trauma and toxic stress can have real, tangible effects on a child’s brain and biology, with ramifications that span a lifetime.

The ACE Number Story campaign and website educates, provides resources, and empowers those who are seeking help for themselves and their community.

Case Study


Case Study