React Native Radio Episode 73


A few weeks ago our VP of Production, Michael Gilmore, was the special guest for React Native Radio’s episode 73. Gilmore discusses everything from his life back in Mississippi, to programming in React Native. We’ve included a full episode guide along with ways to connect with the panel. Enjoy!


"React Native Radio is a weekly discussion of the tools, techniques, and technologies used to build mobile applications with JavaScript and React done by developers regularly using React Native."

Episode 73 guide

Introduction - 1:34

Moving from Mississippi to California - 8:30

Working at MEDL Mobile - 12:05

How React Native fits in at MEDL Mobile - 14:35

What MEDL Mobile used before React Native - 24:00

App solutions outside of React Native - 28:47

MEDL Mobile’s developers - 32:00

When React Native isn’t the best solution -  38:45

When to use React Native - 47:00

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