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Five Contactless Business Solutions

september 18, 2020

Virtual Doctor's Meeting illustration

In this new (ever expanding) era of contact-free work, contactless business solutions are more important than ever. Despite the current world’s uncertainty, certain business models and services are thriving as a result of COVID-19. Now is the perfect time to pursue entrepreneurship in response to current problems with new innovative business ideas. We’ve gathered 5 germ-free business models that will succeed in or out of the current pandemic.

Communication Apps

With many quarantined inside their own homes, the need for communication and connection has never been greater. Communication apps specifically have seen the greatest rise in use by as much as 13%.

Since the communication space is currently held by only a few apps such as Zoom, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat, a new communication app with one or two unique features would have great potential to break through. One interesting take on this has been Rooms Live, which was one of the first apps to offer private group video calls “rooms”. It differentiates itself from other video call apps by offering the option to launch straight from iMessage or from the mobile app directly. Once a room is started, users can add up to five roommates per call.

As connections are built in your app, this type of business solution becomes one that could persist long after the pandemic ends.

Virtual Reality

To help bring more of what needs to be done in a physical location to any virtual location, we can see how virtual reality could take on a much larger role.

Operating online has caused many to turn to VR technology, making collaboration more hands-on and could be your way to create business opportunities with both B2B and B2C businesses. Aside from its professional uses, VR has also seen a rise as quarantine-friendly home entertainment.

Online Teaching

The extra time provided by quarantine has given many the opportunity to learn new skills through online lessons. Whether it be a course on fitness or business, digital lessons mean you can provide value to others entirely online. Virtual learning can be done in real time through video call between you and your client, allowing for face-to-face interaction with flexible hours. It can also be done passively through an online curriculum that clients sign up for, ensuring the ease of a passive income once your lessons are set up.

Gaming Apps 

A newly developed app, video game, or hand held device could make a splash and receive a lot of audience attention. Gaming has been reported to rise 75% due to the outbreak. Newly released video games like Riot Game’s Valorant, or Nintendo’s handheld game Animal Crossing New Horizons have been wildly successful and were released during the pandemic. Surges in the gaming industry mean there is increased opportunity for the success of new video games in meeting market demand.

Taking Your Business Online

With most staying at home, the need for online services has never been greater.  If you previously operated from a physical location, consider adapting your business to an online storefront. Stores, boutiques, restaurants, tutoring centers and gyms can all be optimized to be accessible online. Through features like online ordering, delivery, in-app or over the phone appointments, and online lessons can allow for a safe and sustainable business throughout this quarantine.

Even medical professionals have begun offering their services online, adapting to patient needs. Apps like MDLive and Doctor on Demand connect patients with physicians psychiatrists who can recommend treatment through a screen. Similarly, hospitals like Dignity Health California Hospital Medical Center have programs for virtual or drive-through visits. These virtual appointments are examples of utilizing technology to meet demand and reach patients safely.

While it seems like the world has paused, now is a great chance to utilize the extra time and create unique business ideas the world needs. Entrepreneurship can adapt for our current challenges. COVID-19 has taken a toll on many companies, but practical contact-free businesses can thrive in the current pandemic.

Here at MEDL Mobile, we can help take your company to the next level. Our expertise in building mobile apps can turn your innovative business idea into technology. For more practical solutions to timely problems, contact us for a free consultation at


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