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Auditing Supply Chains and Restoring Data Integrity in Clinical Trials Management

“The reason we chose blockchain is because we could provide a secure, distributed, decentralized architecture that nobody owned, but allowed for all relevant parties to participate in. It doesn’t have an intermediary who can get in the way of transparent flow of information up and down the supply chain.”

– Craig Kennedy, Senior Vice President of Global Supply Management, Merck

The ongoing market shift to decentralized and hybrid onsite/offsite clinical trails has increased data integrity and security concerns. While the impact of this shift will continue to be felt across the biopharma sector, keeping patient data safe while implementing trial protocols is of critical importance.


From the frontlines, we are witnessing decentralized peer-to-peer blockchain networks increasing the trustworthiness of data collected during the trail research and serving as an efficient solution for auditing supply chains and ensuring data integrity.\


The continued adoption of Web3 technologies in the industry carries the promise of empowering CROs to address primary sector challenges, including:

  • Restoring integrity and trust in trial data
  • Tracing and auditing the clinical supply chain
  • Reducing the overall time to conduct hybrid and decentralized trials

Empowering a multisite trials by using distributed, peer-to-peer technologies would represent a uniquely impactful industry capability. Enabling participants and investigators to report remotely, while remaining within the overall structure of scientific and regulatory controls, provides an environment for trials to be conducted in a patient’s hime while retaining appropriate governance mechanisms.


The emergence of decentralized,, distributed networks is exhibiting promise in increasing trust and engagement, which will prove essential in advancing integrity, transparency, and recruitment efforts in the shift to hybrid and decentralized virtual trials environments at global scale.


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