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Experts Weigh in on 5G Health Concerns

january 29, 2020

Hand-in-hand with the technological discussion we had about 5G network in our last blog post, many observers have expressed concern about potential health issues associated with high-frequency 5G waves.

Will 5G cause cancer? Is 5G going to make me wrinkle faster? 

There are differences of thought on the topic. Physicist Dr. Bill P. Curry initially postulated that ‘5G technology’ is likely to be a “serious health hazard”– that with increased frequency, more radiation will be received by our brain.However, there are differing opinions. In a New York Times article, NYU professor of radiology Dr. Christopher M. Collins stated that high-frequency waves don’t penetrate our skin and that Dr. Curry ignored this ‘shielding effect.’

This is just a snippet of the discussion on 5G and the health concerns. With this study continually evolving, and we encourage everyone to stay current on the research and draw their own conclusions. 
Below are a few sources to aid your research: 

NY Times: The 5G Health Hazard That Isn’t 5G Network Uses Nearly Same Frequency as Weaponized Crowd Control Systems


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