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Building Your Marketing Strategy Before You Launch Your Mobile App

January 19, 2017

As you get ready to launch your mobile app, it’s vital to build your marketing strategy before you launch. When you are excited about the development of your new app, you want your audience to feel the same way. You need to build up the hype around your app by getting customers who are anticipating the release date. Figuring out how you are going to capture the attention of app users and increasing the chances of a download will help make your app more successful once it launches.

Ask Your Audience for Opinions

Your app is an opportunity to solve a problem for your users, and asking for their opinion can make word-of-mouth efforts soar. Make your audience feel important by continuously asking questions. Users who feel like an important part of the process are going to spread the word about the app using social media to their friends and family.

Provide the app to your testers before the app launches. Listen to what they have to say about your product, and look for ways to make changes based on their feedback.

Develop Your Social Marketing Skills

Your social media strategy is going to make or break your new app. Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to begin building awareness about your brand and the new app you have created. Use your website to write a blog and to consistently update. You can share links to your content using a texting software platform by sending out an automation text at pre-planned intervals. Make sure that if you are sending individuals to your website because of your newly launched app, your site contains the app for download.

Keep Generating Blog Traffic

Once you develop your social media platforms, you have to keep writing posts for your blog. Every time you write a new post, share it on your social media accounts. You can offer deals to customers if they share your post, such as a discount for when the app officially launches. 

Collect Emails and Create an Opt-In Texting Campaign

You need to have a way to connect with your potential app users by collecting emails when they visit your website or by encouraging users to opt-in to your texting campaign. Once you begin growing your database of customers, you’ll want to start sending out strategic emails to get users excited about your upcoming app launch. Try to get users excited about what you have to offer without inundating them with boring, irrelevant messages. 

Focus on Your Press Kit

Your press kit is often the first experience people will have with your app. Talk about your app and provide just enough information to get people wanting to learn more. Write down the official website where you can find your app, and be clear about the release date. Focus on getting quality screenshots, and create a short promotional video. In addition, contact bloggers in your industry and ask for a review of your app when it’s ready to launch.


Ken Rhie is the CEO of Trumpia, a complete SMS software with mas SMS messaging, smart targeting and automation.


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