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What in the Synth!

january 17, 2017

Synthesizers are a rhythmic and experimental way to create sounds that other instruments do not. The MEDL team joined together for a Lunch & Learn where our Chief of Tech, Tom Ward discussed the awesome world of building and playing with synthesizers. If you’re looking to experiment with such, here are a few take-aways for creating your own sound: 

1. Start – get some sound going to start from and build from there.  

2. Dial-in and make adjustments to shape the sound for a better starting point. 

3. Add effects like delay and reverb. 

4. Use control voltage to change the pitch and create melody. Adjust the filter cut off to achieve more or less frequencies. 

5. Tweak things to give the sound more variety and a more organic sounding nature.

Synth floating in space


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