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I Do Stick Figures

october 27, 2016

Capturing an image on paper. How does that even happen? Drawing more than stick figures and basic shapes escapes most people. How do these lines and shapes come together to create images in the likeness of the object at hand? If you’ve ever wanted to learn to draw, this app makes it easy to stop stalling and get drawing.

Swan drawing in the Walter Foster app

Walter Foster, the leading publisher of quality art instruction guides for more than 85 years has perfected the art of teaching artists and has teamed up with MEDL Mobile to provide the Learn to Draw Digital Sketchbook. You will be guided through drawing lessons by this intuitive app that has drawing tools that have been fine-tuned to act closely to it’s real world counter-part.

Drawing Tools for Walter Foster: #2 Pencil, Shading pencil, eraser

What we love about this app:
• Pre-loaded with four step-by-step lessons
• Purchase new lessons in-app
• Text or voice instruction for every lesson
• Realistic drawing tools
• Drawing tools are adjustable in size, pressure and hardness
• Background paper style options
• Save any & every drawing
• Freehand drawing mode
• Save drawings to your Photos & share with friends


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