Creative technologists in mobile development. Working together to create new, groundbreaking experiences.

Roadmaps & Ideation

Mobile technology can be used to strengthen relationships with your customers, create new channels of communication within your enterprise, or build an entirely new business opportunity atop an existing one. But where do you begin? Have no fear. We have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, visionaries, innovators and business leaders to chart a path from back of napkin to full scale mobile deployment.

Maintenance & Updates

Developing your mobile app is just the beginning. Once an app goes live, the growing user base will often be the best source of new features and functional updates. It's also important to remember that Apple, Google and most 3rd party APIs will introduce major updates from time to time, requiring an update or adjustment to the application.

We can work with you to create a maintenance and update plan for your app. We can work to transition your completed app over to an internal team if you have one in place. We've even helped clients to build their own internal teams once development of their app is complete.

Cross Platform Porting

Many companies choose to begin their foray into mobile apps by starting with either iOS or Android. Once your initial platform is complete, we can work with you to bring your iOS app to Android - or vice versa. If you've already got an app and you're ready to bring it to another platform, we can help.


We’ve been there. Done that.

We’ve worked with a wide variety of APIs, SDKs, methodologies, languages and frameworks. We’re also quite adept at learning new ones. Below is a partial list of our capabilities. 


Xcode • Android Studio • Visual Studio • Webstorm GIT • JIRA • Beanstalk

Agile • Modified Agile • Waterfall • Back of Napkin Make it Happen

iOS • Apple TV • Android • Mobile Web • iOS

Desktop • Web

Objective-C • Swift • Javascript • Java • HTML 5 • Python • C# • C++ • React.js • React Native • Redux • Flexbox • Angular • D3.js • MongoDB • RethinkDB • SQL • Redis • Custom API’s • Node.js • Express.js • Microservices • AWS • API Integration • Mobile Payments • E-Commerce • Deeplinking • Push Notifications • Geofences • Geotargeting • Virtual Reality • Augmented Reality • Unity 3D Game Development • Educational Apps • Emerging Technologies • Photo Sharing/Manipulation • Publishing Securely Distributed Content• Media/Content Distribution • Social Media Integration • Streaming Video • Backend Development • Branded Development • Gamification • Enterprise Development • GPS & Location Services • Legacy • Integration • mCatalogs • Mobile Couponing • Tablet-based Sales • Tools • Video Game Development • CMS Development • Digital Marketing • Custom Analytics  • Machine Learning