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MEDL Mobile is a group of creative technologists with experience building world-class mobile health apps that are making the world a better place.


How To Build A Healthy App For mHealth

Mobile technology and health care are coming together to create amazing new products, services and solutions to changing the face of health care today. If you’re building a mhealth app make sure to download this free ebook to get our framework for building a mobile app in the health industry today!

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 Our Process For Building World-Class mHealth Apps



We believe in the old adage of measuring twice and cutting once. Prior to kicking off development, we work closely with you to identify and clearly detail your entire mobile solution from start to finish. Our smart people will sit with your smart people to map out the user experience, the technology architecture and the product roadmap.



Our engineering team is here under one roof in sunny Southern California and we adhere to the highest standards of software development. Quality Assurance is not an afterthought. It is woven into the development process from the beginning. We follow a meticulous process of development, documentation and regular code review that enables us to leverage our skill set on every project we take on.



Mobile platforms are ever evolving. Operating systems change, new technologies are introduced and consumers become more sophisticated. We're here to provide the pathway to staying on top of the evolution. We've enjoyed years of being the in-house team for many clients. However, at some point you may need to transition to an in-house team. We can work with you to create a plan for support and potentially transition that works for your business.


 I am very impressed with the technical capabilities, customer support, and overall professionalism of MEDL Mobile. We have worked together on some out-of-the-ordinary projects.

- Gene Alexander

CTO, Body Surface Translations

mHealth Case Studies

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JAWKU came up with an idea to pair a motion sensitive wristband with a mobile device. The wristband would record the exact starting time and the mobile device would create a photo finish. Our team needed to create a complete user experience that is seamless for the athlete while creating a new visual language that quickly helps them identify their speed and progress.

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How do you accurately weigh an entire village of newborns and children to track long term health data? MEDL is working with a brilliant team backed by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to create a mobile solution using a 3D scanner and an iPhone to accurately weigh a child and track their growth over time.