We've turned entertainment icons into mobile icons.

We’ve held an app brainstorming session with Cheech and Chong. We’ve been in the dugout with Coco Crisp and the boxing gym with 50 Cent. We learned dirty sign language from Marlee Matlin, created a new alphabet for Sara Silverman and we’ve used a mobile app to let people throw a punch like Rampage Jackson. Yes, app development can be a lot of fun. 


We helped Xumo take the best content from across the web, and organize it into a stunning, seamless mobile interface.

Xumo had a grand vision - and an amazing array of content partners. The challenge for medl - to bring it all together into a simple to navigate UI/UX that allows people to access the very best digital content from across the web in an intuitive and easy-to-use mobile application.

Deceptively simple on the front end, the application is an elegant work horse that allows users to choose their favorite channels of content, navigate quickly between channels, search, add favorites and view content in an interface that makes it incredibly easy for users to get lost in a seemingly endless supply of video.