Body Surface Translations Case Study

Body Surface Translations, backed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, needed a new process to take accurate and efficient measurements of children’s body proportions to help identify malnutrition in at-risk children. Their mission was to modernize the existing system of measuring children around the developing world - which until now was difficult to do, and filled with errors that could result in malnutrition and even death if data wasn’t captured correctly. MEDL helped BST fulfill that mission by developing a product that can improve the health and well-being in children worldwide.


The Challenge 


Traditional methods for identifying stunting in impoverished children are imperfect due to human error, the environment, and the fact that young children can’t sit still long enough to have their measurements taken. Body Surface Translations wanted to develop a more reliable way to capture and analyze measurement data with a goal of preventing stunting in children.


Our Solution 


Optimized Data Transfer For A Better Experience

One of the challenges of collecting measurements in the field is a lack of reliable data service, which can make it difficult to aggregate the data collected.

MEDL Mobile’s engineers optimized the process for uploading the 3-D images to Body Surface Translations’ servers using a proprietary algorithm. This means less data usage and a more reliable process for aggregating the data.


A More Accurate Way Of Taking Children’s Measurements

MEDL Mobile built AuthoAnthro to work with existing hardware technology to take a 3-D scan of a child, enabling for a quicker, easier, and more accurate way of gathering a child’s measurements.

This new process of applying anthropometry, the science of measuring human proportions, allowed researchers to capture a child’s measurements using an iPad and a 3-D camera thereby helping to streamline a cumbersome process that can be upsetting to a young child and their parents.


 I am very impressed with the technical capabilities, customer support, and overall professionalism of MEDL Mobile. We have worked together on some out-of-the-ordinary projects.

- Gene Alexander

CEO, Body Surface Technology


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