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Have you built an app that has the potential to be amazing, but your development team can’t get it all the way across the finish line?

We’ve seen it before. And we are here to help. Our team can quickly review your front end and back end code, assess the situation, and jump in to provide a solution that gets you to where you need to be - ready for scale.

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Client Testimonial

"The MEDL Mobile team has been incredible in helping us re-create the app we envisioned. They listen to our ideas and brought the expertise we needed to have our app come to life. It feels like the team is right in our office instead of being across the country. They were able to identify the flaws in our existing code and make corrections immediately."

- Joshua Johnson



Development Case Studies


Leading a new age of storytelling, Dreamscape immerses visitors into cinematic worlds as they watch and interact with the adventure unfolding around them. Dreamscape needed a way to integrate their multiple platforms with one API that would allow their customers to have the same experience purchasing tickets on desktop, mobile and on-site devices.


How do you accurately weigh an entire village of newborns and children to track long term health data? MEDL is working with a brilliant team backed by a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to create a mobile solution using a 3D scanner and an iPhone to accurately weigh a child and track their growth over time.


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