We do our homework. We custom craft intelligent solutions. We execute seamlessly. And we follow up.

Our apps come in all shapes and sizes - from social networking tools, to functional data-driven devices, to GPS and location-based apps, to video games. But regardless of the type of app, they all go through the same process.

Discovery & Pre-Development

The best executed apps are the best planned apps. We work to understand your goals and objectives. We use our expertise to make sure every app takes full advantage of mobile technology and delivers on client objectives. We ask a lot of questions.

Upon the completion of the Discovery phase, MEDL will deliver the full app architecture in the form of a screen-by screen storyboard. The storyboard details the functionality and features within the app and sets the table for a discussion in which we can all clearly articulate how the finished app will perform.

Interface Design & Collection/Creation of Assets

Our graphic designers go to work on creating the app's graphic user interface and the overall aesthetic. Once preliminary design comps and wireframes are created, we work with you to finalize the design elements.

While the designer is working on graphics, the project manager is working with a team that can widely vary from app to app in order to collect the data, dream up the puzzles, write the text, convert the files, research the factoids and create the digital assets that will make this app truly special.

Programming & Testing

Because the functionality, flow and UI has been developed prior to programming, our team can work extremely efficiently to deliver a functioning beta version of the app in a relatively short time.

About three quarters of the way through programming, your app is handed to our Beta Testing team. We'll test, poke, prod and try the app in lots of situations on multiple devices to make sure your customers have a seamless experience.

When our internal testing is complete, the app is ready for you and your team. We can compile a beta build that can be launched on your devices or we can provide you with devices for testing.

App Store Submission & Launch

MEDL will prepare the package required for App Store approvals. MEDL enjoys a successful track record with both the Apple App Store and the Google Android Marketplace.  We are familiar with their requirements and our average approval time is 5-10 days.

We can also work with you to develop a custom launch plan, or to augment your existing plan. Tools we use include social network marketing, viral videos, bloggers, banner marketing, public relations and integration into our clients existing advertising and marketing strategies.

Our team's deep marketing and advertising experience means we can work seamlessly to partner with advertising, media and PR agencies.

Maintenance, Reporting & Upgrades

Once your app is live, you'll receive a whole lot of feedback (good and bad) and all of it can be used to make the app even better.  MEDL stands behind its product. We remove bugs free of charge for the first 60 days after launch. Beyond 60 days, we can customize a maintenance plan to fit your particular app.

MEDL can integrate 3rd party vendors into an app to provide a complete suite of user analytics. Analytics provide a comprehensive dashboard that track details such as downloads, total number of app user sessions, time spent per session, features of the app accessed, advertising click-through and more.