Building a healthy app for mHealth

Building a healthy app for mHealth

Building a healthy app for mHealth.

(a tutorial, of sorts)

Mobile technology and health care are coming together to create amazing new products, services and solutions. Some are saving lives. Some are creating efficiencies. All are changing the face of health care today.

But for all the innovation coming to market, there’s still more to be done. Across universities, hospitals, board rooms and marketing departments – there are ideas that could push mHealth forward – but for a wide variety reasons – they haven’t found their way from the back of a napkin to the App Store.

As someone who’s overseen the design and development of hundreds of mobile applications, I know first hand why many apps never get started: it’s daunting.

Apps can be incredibly easy to use – but the thought of creating one from scratch can be very intimidating.

Where do you even begin?



Mobile World Congress 2017 - San Francisco 

For years I’ve heard the stories of MWC Barcelona. The connections forged. The names dropped. The nightlife enjoyed. But as the President of MEDL Mobile, a mid-sized mobile development shop in Southern California, I’ve personally never felt the need to attend. A week abroad is an expensive trip for many reasons - both in terms of time away from the business and in terms of international flights. So when it was announced that MWC would be held in San Francisco this year, I jumped at the chance to attend.

React Native Radio Episode 73


A few weeks ago our VP of Production, Michael Gilmore, was the special guest for React Native Radio’s episode 73. Gilmore discusses everything from his life back in Mississippi, to programming in React Native. We’ve included a full episode guide along with ways to connect with the panel. Enjoy!

"React Native Radio is a weekly discussion of the tools, techniques, and technologies used to build mobile applications with JavaScript and React done by developers regularly using React Native."

Episode 73 guide

Introduction - 1:34

Moving from Mississippi to California - 8:30

Working at MEDL Mobile - 12:05

How React Native fits in at MEDL Mobile - 14:35

What MEDL Mobile used before React Native - 24:00

App solutions outside of React Native - 28:47

MEDL Mobile’s developers - 32:00

When React Native isn’t the best solution -  38:45

When to use React Native - 47:00

Follow The Panel

Michael Gilmore - Twitter | Instagram 

React Native Radio - Twitter

Nader Dabit  - Twitter

Kevin Old - Twitter



Build React Native Apps: Demo by MEDL Mobile

Just last month Wowza and MEDL Mobile performed a live coding demonstration at NAB.  We’re really pleased with the community response and having a partner like Wowza to develop such tools as their GoCoder SDK!  Check out their recap here:

Interested in learning more about mobile video and live streaming apps?  Contact us or Click here.

Why ASO Matters

Why ASO Matters

Apple and Google continue to gain new users daily, and mobile app developers are taking advantage of the influx of users. App stores mainly operate off user searches, making app stores the largest channel of discovering mobile apps, installs and downloads. The best way for measuring and adjusting and app listing is called App Store Optimization, and it provides key considerations for optimizing any mobile app.

Canvas Vision - A Colorful Experiment

Canvas Vision - A Colorful Experiment

Our vision for Canvas Vision

For the recent OC Addy's, MEDL was given a blank canvas as part of a charity auction. Various agencies would all get creative and make something cool.  With our canvas, we produced an experimental art piece that tried to solve a basic problem.  Some people can't paint but want to make art.  After a bit of kicking ideas around, we landed on the idea that anyone can take a photo, and that just might be enough.  From there we looked at utilizing image recognition services and found that we could do a ton with color detection.