I Do Stick Figures

Capturing an image on paper. How does that even happen? Drawing more than stick figures and basic shapes escapes most people. How do these lines and shapes come together to create images in the likeness of the object at hand?  If you've ever wanted to learn to draw, this app makes it easy to stop stalling and get drawing. 

Walter Foster, the leading publisher of quality art instruction guides for more than 85 years has perfected the art of teaching artists and has teamed up with MEDL Mobile to provide the Learn to Draw Digital Sketchbook. You will be guided through drawing lessons by this intuitive app that has drawing tools that have been fine-tuned to act closely to it's real world counter-part. 

What we love about this app:
• Pre-loaded with four step-by-step lessons
• Purchase new lessons in-app
• Text or voice instruction for every lesson
• Realistic drawing tools
• Drawing tools are adjustable in size, pressure and hardness
• Background paper style options
• Save any & every drawing
• Freehand drawing mode
• Save drawings to your Photos & share with friends

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Turning Up On A Tuesday

It was a night out for the MEDL team this past Tuesday. We recognized a few standout team members over yummy food and funnies at the Irvine Improv. MEDL Awardees:

Extra Mile – Michael Gilmore

App Assassin – Pranay Kothlapuram

Miracle Grow – James Roosevelt

Unsung Hero – Kimmy Matsuno

Hey Einstein! – Andrew Simmons

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Image by Andrew Minnis

Image by Andrew Minnis

As I sit and write our first blog post that David Bowie tune creeps in my mind taunting my attention. Finally I’ve relented! Alexa, play me “Changes” by Bowie. Three minutes later I’m back. My mind has a way of sound tracking the timeline of life. And “Changes” is the perfect song to capture the very sentiment of the last 8 years in the world of mobile technology. Who would’ve imagined 8 years ago I’d be assisted by my modern day genie, powered by . . . you guessed it, APPS! The development team here at MEDL would have! Since 2008 MEDL Mobile has been at the helm of the app revolution, developing hundreds of them. From games to interactive product introductions for companies like Taco Bell, to partnering with companies in the mHealth space to solve problems like streamlining patient access to physicians, we’ve been changing with the times and creating the technology to fit with the times.

And here we are, halfway through 2016 and MEDL is forging onward with iOT and Apple TV app developments. Most recently partnering with XUMO, a company who pools the best digital content from places like YouTube to present to the viewer just like television stations. An app so cool they have their own button on VIZIO remote controls. 

And we just keep getting better. Changing with the times, ahead of the times. Yet one thing remains the same. Our playground is cutting edge developments in mobile technology; it keeps us young and devours our attention. Through this blog we aim to share our “strange fascination,” passion for the creative, disruptive and never dull days in our development process.

If you have any topics you’d love explored, we’d love to hear from you. Here’s to tomorrow, or as we like to say…Hello Future! Welcome to our blog.

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