Dear future.

We thought it time to reach out and formally introduce ourselves. We are MEDL Mobile - a collection of thinkers, tinkerers, entrepreneurs and artists who have come together to try and figure you out.

As evangelists of mobile, we see you in every facet of the world we are lucky enough to touch. We’ve played with you in games. We’ve seen you in the classroom. And at the doctor’s office. And in the mall.

We’ve rocked out to you. We’ve gone to sleep by you. We’ve looked out the window some days searching for you.

Several of us are convinced that we recognize you in a scene from Gene Roddenberry.

And while it's clear that we may never figure you out, we are fairly certain that you’re just as into mobile as we are. It also seems like we are dancing with a lot of the same people. So in the spirit of potential collaboration, we wanted to extend a hand and a smile and say hello.

Hello future. :)

It’s great to meet you. This is gonna be fun.