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The Honey Badger Don't Care

You are the Honey Badger and you are hungry in the official Randall's Animals game app. Download Now Stupid!

Release Date / 15 December 2011

Platform / iPhone

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Winner at Appolooza's 25 Best Apps Ever!

HEY STUPID. This is the Honey Badger!

In January of 2011, a real badass named Randall created the famous Honey Badger YouTube video and gave it a voice.

20,000,000 views later, Randall and MEDL Mobile have turned this fearless YouTube sensation into a badass mobile app, featuring voice narration from Randall himself!

You are the Honey Badger!

You are hungry. You must eat. Run all over the place eating cobras, scorpions and mice. Plow down beehives to get at those sweet, juicy larvae. Steer clear of obstacles such as large rocks and thorn bushes, and eat the venomous edibles before they sting you to sleep. Even dig up the dirt to find a hidden buffet of treats.

Watch out stupid!

Keep your strength and hunger meters full by eating every delicious animal – especially the teal and purple mice. Be careful, though. Eating the wrong things will take bites out of your strength meter, and too many stings will make you fall asleep.

Honey Badger don’t give a $#*@!

Use the directional pad to move about freely and chase things. Tap the “maul” button to eat. Watch out for jackals and eagles that try to steal your food, and smack them if they get too close.

The Honey Badger just takes what he wants!

• Voice narration and sound effects from Randall himself!
• Rich colorful graphics and gory special effects!
• Simple and intuitive gameplay!
• Heaps of unlockable achievements and bonus content!
• Adjustable controls for right and left-handed players!
• Game Center Login!

Download now, Stupid!

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