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Self Destructing Message

Send and receive Self Destructing Messages.

Release Date / 04 May 2010

Platform / iPhone

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ATTENTION: This message will self-destruct in one minute or less.

Self-Destructing Message was created in MEDL Mobile's App Incubator. The idea was submitted by Jeff Adolph of Fresno, CA.

A secret's only secret if nobody else knows. When someone else is wise to what you're keeping under wraps, you can never be certain that they won't spill the beans -- Until now.

The clever creatives at MEDL Mobile would like to introduce Self-Destructing Message. A fun and fail-safe way to exchange confidential messages, photos, audio and video.

As if it Never Happened

Messages you send and receive have a pre-assigned destruction timer, so your opened note has only a limited amount of time before it wipes itself from existence.

The people you message with are kept out of sight. Your SDM Black Book contains your confidantes, and blinds their identities with a code name you choose. Who you put in there is up to (and viewable only by) you.


• Sharp, modern design with dynamic transitions
• Self-Destruction timer: 5/10/15/30/60 seconds
• Full-keyboard messaging
• Capture & exchange photos, audio and video
• Mutually exclusive Black Book with aliases for your contacts
• Push notifications option

By purchasing this app, you have agreed that MEDL Mobile is not responsible for any feelings, actions, activities or conversations conducted through, and/or in part from this app. If you are caught, that's your fault. Not ours.

Good luck.

We are proud to call Self-Destructing Message a Shiny MEDL Object.

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