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Mobile Educator: Flowers 101

A master guide to identifying any flower.

Release Date / 09 October 2011

Platform / iPhone

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Mobile Educator: Flowers 101 teaches you how to identify 250 flowers based on its characteristics – including common name, scientific name, bloom season, taxonomy and physical attributes such as type, size and color.

A Powerful Learning Tool
Are you a student/instructor of Botany, Agriculture or other Life Sciences? Mobile Educator: Flowers 101 provides an optional mobile extension to any classroom! Use it to supplement field learning, enhance your quiz/exam prep, access classroom materials and carry out assignments.

Learn to Play to Learn
Mobile Educator: Flowers 101 turns learning flowers into a game by offering a salad of mini-games and puzzles that are anything but garden variety. These study tools are designed to compliment multiple learning styles, and will help you turn Botanical information into firmly planted knowledge.

Fieldwork made easy
Mobile Educator: Flowers 101 makes it easy to identify virtually any species of flower. Use the simple walkthrough to identify plants based on their characteristics, or browse the master glossary for potential matches. Geo-tag any ID location, or search for spots tagged by other users. Become the master of your garden with detailed growing and cultivation tips, while learning the right steps to successfully grow any flower.

• Browse or search a full glossary of flowers

• Adjustable Glossary View: List or Thumbnails

• Rapid plant identification system

• Locate geo-tagged ID spots around you or geo-tag your own
• Access classroom materials & assignments
• Learning games: mini-games & puzzles for studying
• Detailed Profiles for every species that include:

— Photo & Description

— Bloom & Habitat info

— Growing & Cultivation Tips

— Common & Scientific names

— Applied Uses

— Fun Trivia

— And much more!