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Jungly Jump Lite

You have one simple mission: help forest critters shake trees of their fruity delights. Play it now!

Release Date / 19 February 2011

Platform / iPhone

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Jungly Jump is a vibrant & deceptively challenging strategy game with one simple mission:

Help forest critters Squaty & Spiky shake the trees of their fruity delights. It's lunchtime in the jungle and this diligent duo of critters needs your help!

Easy to Play

It's simple physics: launch Spiky off the end of a teeter-totter board by telling Squaty who's hanging in the tree above--where and how high to jump.

Before Squaty takes the plunge, tell Spiky where to fly by tapping the screen to aim.

Tap the glowing fulcrum log to send Spiky soaring, and then get ready for the feast!

Hard to Beat

Satisfying their equator-sized appetite is easy at first. As you progress through the levels, nabbing the fruit gets harder and harder. Obstacles and traps such as rock-solid coconut barriers make it challenging to get the required fill of fruit. Play carefully - losing just one piece of fruit could cost you the level!

Awesome Power-Ups

Score loads of awesome power-ups like Antigravity and Spiky-multipliers to help you gorge on the arboreal buffet.

Dangerous Booby Traps

Peel your eyes before peeling your oranges. Traps such as fruit-rotting worms and unbreakable cactus barriers will cost you valuable lives and delicious fruit.

Environmental Elements

Coconuts, honeycomb and mushrooms stand in the way between you and the delicious fruit. Use these elements to your advantage - failure will cost you the level and your two forest friends will go hungry.

Expansive Levels

There are more than 100 exciting & challenging levels across 12 different environments. It will take more than one serving of fruit to feed Squaty & Spiky!

Have Something to Say About Jungly Jump?

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We are proud to call Jungly Jump a Shiny MEDL Object.