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GiddyUp - Get Inviting

Get your group together in a flash using GiddyUp - Get Inviting for iPhone!

Release Date / 18 April 2012

Platform / iPhone

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Looking to make plans or meet up with friends? GiddyUp is the quickest and easiest way to get everyone together – whether it’s a big party, after-work happy hour, group dinner, or just a simple movie night. Using GiddyUp will save you the time and headaches often associated with group planning.

• No more waiting for responses from Evite!
• No more cluttered e-mail chains!
• No more endless group texts!
• No more plan sharing with 1,200 Facebook friends!

GiddyUp lets you create group plans in just seconds AND you’ll know within minutes who’s in and who’s out! It doesn’t get much easier than this.

Getting Started is Easy.

Simply name your event and select your friends you’d like to invite from your phone’s address book. You can also include a location, date & time, picture and even some notes. GiddyUp sends an invitation to all your friends. All invitees are notified immediately to generate quick responses. Everybody stays in touch using the built-in group chat.

GiddyUp sends an SMS (free of charge) with your event and a unique mobile website to notify all those who don’t have the app of what the plan is. No one is left out!


✔ Quickly create and manage events
✔ Invite any friend in your phone’s contacts
✔ Add notes, photos and geo-tagged locations
✔ Real-time attendance tracker for everyone
✔ Full privacy controls
✔ Share events on Facebook or Twitter
✔ Group chat for each event
✔ Save events to iCal

Download today and start rounding up your friends. GiddyUp!

We are aware that GiddyUp is not currently available in the UK. We are working on a UK version and we’ll post a UK update as soon as it is available.

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