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DJ Pauly D - Beat That Boardwalk!

Unleash Your Inner Guido in this 8bit retro-style game, featuring DJ Pauly D himself - NOW FREE!

Release Date / 17 June 2012

Platform / iPhone

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Slow Your Roll, Beat That Boardwalk is bumpin' out with DJ Pauly D!

Beat That Boardwalk now features the in-game music, and theme song to the Pauly D Project, Night of My Life!

Bomb the Boardwalk!

Maneuver DJ Pauly D down Jersey’s bumpin’ boardwalk, scoring points, pizza and babes! Keep’em alive through waves of brawny bros that try to bring the beatdown! Steer clear of fugly grenades that want to ruin the night! Dodge hordes of buzz-kill executives that try to stop the show!

Fire up that tanning bed and break out the hairgel! DJ Pauly D is here with a ton of fistpumpin’ fun.

•DJ Pauly D character!
•Expansive stages with rotating night and day!
•3 lives per level!
•Jump command!
•Unlockable achievements!

Even take the party overseas with the Italy in-app upgrade!

•All new scenery
•Italy-only feature: speed things up with the scooter!

Boardwalkers, Music and Bling!

Keep DJ Pauly D going strong by collecting gold chains, boom boxes and head phones. Use his mad game on the Garden-State girlies to score more points and get some boardwalk love!

Pump Iron to Activate Juicehead Mode!

Hit up the gym to kick DJ Pauly D into JUICEHEAD mode, letting him plow through enemies like a grenade at the buffet! This special ends December 31, so download Beat Dat Boardwalk: Christmas Edition before it’s too late!

Stop and Take Tan!

Tanning salons keep DJ Pauly D from becoming DANGEROUSLY PALE! Pale skin costs you precious points and party time. Keep an eye on the complexion meter so you’ll know when to bronze up.

Laundromats Keep you Lookin' Fly!

Stop at the Laundromat or DJ Pauly D will go from stud to dud! Stay fresh to score more points and keep the night on fire!

We are proud to call DJ Pauly D: Beat That Boardwalk a Shiny MEDL Object.