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Cheech & Chong's The Fatty

It’s Cheech & Chong’s Ultra Mega Super Nitro App! One rip will have your phone baked to the bone.

Release Date / 20 April 2012

Platform / iPhone

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It’s Cheech & Chong’s Ultra Mega Super Nitro Boost Powered App A.K.A. The Fatty! One rip of The Fatty will have your phone baked to the bone.

The Ultimate Cheech & Chong App

The Fatty is the ultimate app for fans of Cheech & Chong and the lifestyle they have come to symbolize. Tap into a top-shelf variety of games, features, sights, sounds, and smells – all wrapped in a ridiculously interactive design that will make your head spin.

Custom Look and Layout

The Fatty features a ton of interactive elements that you can touch, tap, twist, and explore. Tap around the app and watch what taps back.
• Big icon-style navigation!
• Enjoy what happens when you tap the logo or the iguana!

The Fatty Features

World's Greatest Clock Ever

Why is this clock better than all other clocks? The time is always 4:20! It’s like that movie with the dude who keeps waking up on the same day, but way better.

• Tap and rotate the clock – unlock special surprises!

The Chronic

Feed your head with the latest news and updates from the front line of marijuana reform. The Chronic pull it’s content from NORML & The Marijuana Policy Project, so you know the information is legit.

• Learn the laws. Get the facts. Know your rights. And always stay informed.

Kush Notifications
• “Did you remember to grab that thing for that dude?”

• “Are you sure that’s the right one?”

• “Don’t forget your pants.”

Activate your Kush Notifications and you’ll get random reminders that remind you to remember the super-important things you may or may not have forgotten. You can also get alerts of when it’s 4:20 in cities around the world. Because it’s always 4:20 somewhere.

Social 420

Automatically share this magical time of day with your homies on Facebook. When the sun hits high afternoon, Social 4:20 updates your status with a fun message and “the time.”

Cheech & Chong Soundboard

Relive your favorite Cheech & Chong moments with a primo selection of sounds, lines, and classic phrases from the two pot-riarchs of comedy. Download additional sound packs and keep the good times rolling!

The Head Shop

The Head Shop is your one-stop shop for music, movies, and Cheech & Chong merchandise.


Ice Cream Truck Across the Sky
Fly the Nice Dreams ice cream truck through space in this mind-blowing adventure! Collect “ice cream” sales, avoid Sgt. Stedenko and the LAPD, and keep you profits above 17 Million Dollars or you’ll get busted.

Get Ripped with Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong teaches you the perfect pothead workouts for getting fit and faded, including:

• Highcep Curls

• Canna-Crunches

• Stoner Planking

Get Baked with Cheech Marin
Cheech Marin teaches you how to cook the really important items, including:

• Bowl of Cereal

• Boxed Mac & Cheese

• Microwave Burritos

Snap One with Cheech and Chong

Smile and say “weed!” Snap a virtual photo with Cheech & Chong, post it to Facebook, or turn it into a cannabis-scented postcard and mail it to a friend.


We are already working on the next set of features, so stay tuned for more! We are proud to call The Fatty a Shiny MEDL Object. You can see all of them at

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