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Boxhead Lite

You play as Jon Bambo, a black-clad mercenary with an arsenal of deadly destructive weapons.

Release Date / 24 May 2010

Platform / iPhone

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One of the biggest flash games online--now on the iPhone! Prepare for mayhem; things are going to get bloody.

Fast Paced Shooter Action

Boxhead: Zombie Wars is a fast paced action-shooter with colorful graphics, intuitive gameplay and an impressive legacy. You play as Jon Bambo, a black-clad mercenary with an arsenal of deadly destructive weapons. Keep him alive against waves of flesh-eating zombies and fire-breathing demons using a staggering array of offensive and defensive weapons. It's easy at first, but don't get cocky. The stronger you get, the stronger and more numerous your enemies get.

An Arsenal of Weapons

Start with a basic pistol and gain new weapons and thrilling power-ups as you kill more foes. Hunt them down and blast them to hell with a high-powered shotgun, or blow them sky-high with exploding barrels. Set up traps and gauntlets to defend yourself and thin the herd, or vaporize them with a C4 explosive pack--the newest weapon, available only for iPhone and iPod Touch. It's kill or be killed, so use the wide range of weapons and defenses to stay alive as long as possible.

Offensive and Defensive Tactics

Hunt'em, trap'em or defend against'em; how you play is up to you. Play it on the offensive and storm the field in a spray of bullets, blood and fire. Use your turrets and barricades to slow them down while you pick them off. Play it on the defensive and set up a maze of barrels, barricades and turrets. Stay at a safe vantage point while your gauntlet filters them out before making it to your stronghold.

As Authentic as it Gets

Sean T. Cooper--the game's creator--saw the iPhone platform as a powerful opportunity to launch the newest member of the Boxhead family. With over 25,000,000 players and over 250,000,000 rounds played, this worldwide sensation is about to get bigger. Are you ready for the zombie invasion?

The zombie apocalypse draws near. Grab your guns, pray for the best and prepare for the worst. Are you ready to take on the armies of hell?

What's in the lite version?

  • Same gory-ous graphics and intuitive game play as the full version

  • All the weapons and power-ups of the full version

  • First four levels only—download the full version to truly experience the blood bath this game offers

Have Something to Say About Boxhead?

We want to hear it. We are already at work on the next version and we would love to hear from the Boxhead fans around the world what you'd like to see. E-mail us at!