App Incubator FAQs

Who are you?

We're MEDL mobile. We build Shiny MEDL Objects or SMOs. They're mobile applications that fascinate, entertain, connect and empower their users.

By building the App Incubator, we have enabled anyone with an idea to become a developer and make money in one of the fastest growing online industries - mobile applications.

I read your Terms and Conditions but I'm still not sure if you are going to steal my ideas. How do I know if you guys are legit?

We assure that our intentions are in no way to steal or plagiarize your ideas. We are honest, hard working people trying to build social communities and we believe that everybody should have a chance to be recognized for their creative potential and have an opportunity to share in the profits.

Let it be known that if your idea has not yet been chosen for production or if it has been rejected, you can request it back at any time. Upon request, all intellectual property and the rights thereof will be returned to you, the submitter, to use how you decide.

How do I know you won't steal my ideas?

Simple. It's bad for business. Our entire business model is built on democratizing application development. In today's world of blogging and email and the like, it would spread pretty quickly if we started stealing ideas.

However, please be aware that at any given time, we have dozens of applications in development. So you may be submitting an idea we've already seen or maybe we're already developing.

How do I submit an idea?

On Your iPhone: Launch the application and walk through our easy to follow process to describe your application, who would use it, why it's great, and so on. Download the app for your iPhone now for free.

Online: It's the same interface as you'll find on the iPhone - without the tiny keyboard.

Via the Storyboard: Once you've officially submitted an idea, you can give us even more information with a MEDL storyboard. We have versions for the iPhone and iPad. You can draw right on it or you can get fancy and import it into a graphics program to walk us through the flow. When it's done, you can upload it right from our website. Simply login, click "My Ideas", and click the edit button next to the idea you storyboarded. Scroll down to where you can upload a storyboard and click "Choose File".

I'm terrible at drawing and don't know how to design. Should I still submit a storyboard?

Absolutely. The reason for submitting a storyboard is just so we can get an idea of what you have in mind for your app. Don't worry about the quality of the visuals - all we want to see is what you're thinking.

How do you decide which submissions become SMOs?

We use these five criteria when judging an application.

  1. Originality. Is it a new idea? Or a new spin on an old idea? Or an old spin on a new idea? Be sure to do your homework. We've had some great ideas that had to stop halfway because someone beat us to the punch.
  2. Functionality. There's two parts of this one. First, does it take advantage of the unique functions of the iPhone? The accelerometer, the GPS finder, the built in camera, etc? Second, is it functional? Will people want to use it because it meets a need?
  3. Simplicity. Another two parts. Part one: is it simple to use? Part two: is it simple to build?
  4. Revenue Opportunity. Will people pay $.99 for it? Will they pay $9.99 for it? Is this the kind of application that advertisers would pay to include their brand in? Will this application generate valuable data? Will it make money?
  5. Fun. We put a premium on fun here at MEDL. That's not to say that your application needs to be fun to make it through the filter. But it sure helps.

I saw that my idea/ideas were rejected. Can you tell me why?

There are many reasons why your app might have been rejected. In general terms, we are looking for apps that hit at least 4 of the 5 factors. Originality, Functionality, Simplicity, Potentially Profitable and Fun. When your idea is rejected, there are several common reasons:

  • Database Challenges - The app you have suggested requires a large database which we do not have access to. If you have access to the necessary data and feel your app was incorrectly rejected for this reason, please contact us.
  • Technological Challenges - The current version of iPhone is not yet capable of performing the functions your idea suggests. This includes idle/inactive/automatic running, control of other electronic devices (Garage door, AC or heater, other consumer electronics) and weight-sensitive functions. We love the idea for an iPhone app that controls your car remotely, but the current iPhone build and OS, this is not yet possible.
  • Already Been Submitted - The app you suggested was already submitted by someone else before you.
  • We've Already Built It - Many people actually suggested an app that works exactly like apps we've already created. For those of you who are looking to draw on photos and share them, we invite you to check out Doodle Chat. For those of you looking for a way to meet friends by finding a spot in between both GPS locations, please check out InBetween.
  • Licensed Material - Your app suggests the use of previously licensed content. Yes, an Italian plumber who jumps through colorful worlds and fights a fire-breathing tortoise to save a beautiful princess would make a great iPhone app. But if you don't work for Nintendo, please don't suggest it. Also, many people have suggested that we build iPhone versions of games that aren't available elsewhere. Sorry - if we don't have the rights to build it, we can't build it.
  • It's Wrong - Your idea contains offensive/inappropriate content, or suggests something illegal. Sorry, but we are not going to build an app that will enable piracy, unauthorized file transfer or Jailbreaking.
  • Apple Regulations - The app you suggested does not conform to Apple's developer guidelines. For instance, Apple rejects pornographic-based ideas and apps that simulate "breaking" the iPhone.
  • It's Been Done - The app you suggested (or something extremely close to it) is already available on the Apple App Store.
  • Development Cost Outweighs Potential Profit - We do not feel that your app will be able to generate a high enough return that it will recoup the cost of development and generate a profit.

If several people submit the same idea, who gets the credit/fame/money?

We choose the individual who's skillset, category expertise, and marketing ability gives the app it's best chance at success.

How much money can I make?

You will get 25% of the profits your application generates for MEDL. For example, a top selling application on the iTunes App Store was recently reported to earn about $10,000 a day. So that's $2,500 a day if you've got an idea that could rocket to the top. Not bad for filling out a form!

Can you tell me how much it will cost before I start making any money on my apps?

No two apps are alike. Due to the differences in complexity, design and content, we cannot accurately pinpoint how much your app will cost before making a profit without first doing a fair amount of due diligence.

What if I want more than 25%?

If you would like to keep a higher percentage of the profits, you can hire us to build an application for you. If you have an application you would like to hire us to build, please visit the MEDL Studio.

When is payday?

We pay developers within 15 days of being paid by Apple. Payments are made via PayPal.

How old do I need to be to submit an idea?

You must be 18 years or older to participate.

I am under 18 but I have some really good ideas I want to submit. Is there any way I can submit them and still make money if they are produced?

Yes. If you have your parent or guardian submit the idea under their name, you can still participate.

How long does an application take to build?

Depending upon complexity, a few weeks to a few months. So please, be patient. If you've been approved, trust us, it's in both of our interest to move quickly.

I submitted ideas (x) weeks/months ago and they still say "in review". Can you give me an update on what is going on with them?

If your ideas still say "In Review" chances are that we are still working around to them. We appreciate your patience while we get to them, and we understand the excitement of waiting to hear back. Because of the large volume of submissions we have received, and the fully involving nature of developing current projects, our process moves a little slower than we (and probably you) would like.

I just submitted a few new apps. How long does it usually take for you guys to review and decide on them?

Right now, the App Incubator is over twenty-five thousand idea submissions strong. If you have just submitted new ideas, it might take us a while before we get to them.

How much does it cost/how much do you charge to make an app?

Since every app is different, we cannot pinpoint a specific price. The cost usually varies depending on content, complexity and graphics. If you are interested in hiring MEDL to build your app, please visit the MEDL Studio.

I created my account but I want to change some of the information. How do I do that?

Simple! Click the "My Account" link at the top of the site, login, and then select "Edit Account" from the navigation on the left.

If you would like to edit any of your submitted ideas, you can do so by also logging in and selecting "App Incubator" from the top and "My Ideas" from the left.

Can you guys make an iPhone app out of other games like Mario/Batman/etc?

No. We will not produce any app that uses previously licensed content such as the aforementioned titles, nor will we produce any apps that noticeably mimic any previously licensed games, brands or titles. Please do not submit any ideas like these, as we will reject them.

Will you submit the app to the App Store or do I have to do it?

We will take care of that for you. We will also help you to write the copy for your app's App Store profile, as well as search engine keywords for higher search visibility.

Will you run updates on my app or do I have to pay for them?

We will do the updating for you. Updates are considered an investment back into the app, and when an app is upgraded, that investment must also be covered prior to MEDL sharing 25% of revenues. However, if we see a reason for upgrade, it is because your app shows signs of being potentially more profitable.

What can I do to make my application more successful?

Tell everyone you can about it. E-Mail your friends. Ask them to email their friends. Visit blogs and websites where the content pertains to your application and post messages telling people about it. Create a YouTube video showing how cool your application is and post it on your Facebook or MySpace page.

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Are evil robots about to take over the world?

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