We believe that the next great app idea can come from anywhere or anyone.

With the App Incubator, we've opened up the playing field so that everyone can have a chance to bring their creativity to life and share in the profits.

If you have an idea for an iPhone, iPad or even Android application, you can submit it directly to the App Incubator for a shot at getting it made. If your concept passes our challenging set of criteria - from originality to functionality - we will design, develop and market your app. You don't have to pay a cent for any part of the process, and we'll share a handsome portion of the profits with you. Pretty sweet, eh?

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The App Incubator app for iPhone is free to download.

You can find it on the Apple App Store. We also offer a free downloadable storyboard template to help visualize your idea. Don't worry if drawing isn't your strength—we just want to get an idea of how you see the app working :-)

Your submissions are editable, so making a change to your idea or adding something new is easy. If you decide to withdraw your submission, and we have not already begun to build it, send us an e-mail and we will be happy to do so.

By submitting this application to MEDL, you are granting MEDL an exclusive 90 day first look opportunity to purchase this application. You will agree to not sell this application to another buyer (corporate buyer - not individual user). Nor will you submit this application for sale to another buyer in the next 90 days.

Apps developed in the App Incubator have topped App Store rankings around the world – with several reaching as high as #1.

Many more have gained the attention of national and international press. MEDL Mobile & the App Incubator were even featured on CNBC's technology special, Planet of the Apps.

Check out our App Store section to see what apps we've built, and read through our FAQs to if you're hungry for more information. If your app idea can deliver the goods, the App Incubator will cover the rest and give you a handsome share of the profits. The only question we have for you is, do you have a great idea?