We want to buy your apps and roll them into the MEDL Mobile Alliance.

If you are an independent developer, there's a good chance you've spent time and money developing the next great application - only to have it disappear in the raging seas of app store clutter.

The Alliance is our solution for that problem. The Alliance allows us to bring together thousands of independent developers and tens of thousands of mobile apps into a powerful, intelligent, monetized cross-recommendation network.

A rising tide raises all ships. And the tides of mobile are about to swell.

We believe that if properly optimized, marketed and monetized, underperforming apps can turn a real profit - and steadily performing apps can become revenue-generating machines.

We want to purchase your apps, turn them into revenue generators, and share the revenues with you.

In some cases, we pay a greater percentage upfront with a reduced share of future revenues. In other cases, we adjust the upfront payout to allow for a greater share of future revenues. Either way, we maintain, improve, fix code, market, refine and monetize your app.

And either way, you continue to earn money for the app you created long into the future.

Because MEDL Mobile works directly with brand name clients and celebrities, we have the ability to negotiate lucrative sponsorship deals for apps in the Alliance as well.

Hang out with us and make it better.

We are not interested in cutting you off from your app. If you'd like to stay involved with upgrades - and you have the skills to do so - you may even be able to earn a greater percentage of total revenue.


A few important details.

You must fully own all code and related materials within your submission - including any copyrights to music, graphic identity, logo, likenesses, etc.

We will require that you turn over the complete set of source code for the app to MEDL.

The current version of your app will need to be taken down from the App Store.

If your app has a large installed database, we will work with you to determine the best method for importing it to MEDL's servers.

By submitting this application to MEDL, you are granting MEDL an exclusive 90 day first look opportunity to purchase this application. You will agree to not sell this application to another buyer (corporate buyer - not individual user). Nor will you submit this application for sale to another buyer in the next 90 days.

Question_bubble FAQs

What is the Mobile Brain?

It’s a powerful piece of technology within every app of the vast MEDL Library. MEDL developed the Mobile Brain to simplify the process of discovering apps. Until now, users had to sift through lists of what’s new and noteworthy to find anything of interest. With the Mobile Brain API, users need look no further than their phone to discover your app. While running in the background of the app, the Mobile Brain collects unique data points and uses that information to deliver a tailored recommendation of apps relevant to them. With every continued action, the Brain gets smarter and more intuitive - changing the wild west of mobile one recommendation at a time.

Currently, the only way to get your app into the Mobile Brain is to join the MEDL Mobile Alliance. Interested? Let us know.

Am I entitled to a percentage of future revenues from my app?

Yes. MEDL apps generate revenues from download fees, advertising networks, brand/celeb sponsorship, in-app purchases, and soon subscriptions. You will be entitled to your agreed percentage in all of it.

How is my purchase price/percentage determined?

The purchase price/percentage for your app depends upon several factors including percentage of completion, app history, past revenues, our projected costs to upgrade and maintain and so on.

When do I get paid?

Any initial payment is made upon receipt of source code. Royalty payments are made quarterly.

How does the process work?

If we decide that your app is one that we'd like to acquire, we'll ask to see some of the sample code/builds first. We may also request copies of the financial history of your app. You will be notified of an offer (or if we decide to pass) within 60 days of submitting your idea.


We are an incubator, developer, marketer and aggregator of apps. Our apps have been featured on NBC, ABC, CNN, CNBC, MACWORLD and more. We've had three number one apps in many different categories. We are consistently on the top of the app store charts. We've successfully built and launched more than 50 of our own applications, many more for clients and we have dozens more in development at any given time.

What if I have not developed my idea but I have collected some of the assets such as data or graphics?

The MEDL Alliance is primarily for completed apps. If you have an app concept that requires programming, we'd love to hear about your idea via The App Incubator.

What if I want to stay involved?

Great. If you can help market and/or maintain your app, we will even share additional profits with you – giving you the potential to make even more than you would on your own.

My code is incomplete or not updated for iPhone 4. Can I still sell to MEDL?

That depends. We'll need to see a sample of your source code to make a determination. However, our developers are quite skilled at updating for iPhone 4.

Can I leave my app on the App Store under my account?

It depends. In some cases (ie. sponsorships, etc.) you may not need to do so. But in most circumstances, you will need to take your app down from the App Store.

What about my AdMob or advertising account?

We will replace the advertising in the app with MEDL's API (in order to maximize monetization for both of us).